D’Agostini Vineyards

The D’Agostini vineyards can be seen in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley just north of our tasting room, across Pigeon Creek. Our family currently owns and manages twelve acres of the finest Zinfandel and Barbera grapes that we use for both our sweet and dry wines. 

Over the course of the year we carefully watch over our vineyards to ensure only great grapes from healthy vines are used in our wines. From planting and pruning, to mowing and picking we manage every step along the way. During harvest we average about three tons of grapes per acre as we try to maintain a higher yield while maximizing the quality of our fruit. We have the privilege of having a picking crew on call every year so that we can pick our grapes exactly when they reach the desired ripeness; this is especially important when producing sweet wines.

In the coming years, we plan on expanding our own estate vineyards, as well as planting new vines on our home property in El Dorado County so that we can bring you more wines and varietals to enjoy.

~ Luke D’Agostini, Winemaker & Vineyard Manager

Our vineyard currently meets just over a third of our current production and all other grape purchases are from the highest quality growers and their respective regions of California, including the previous owners of our vineyard, Spinetta Vineyards.